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The Office Fast Forward Information Cards

Date 1990

Designer Linda Powell

Creative Director



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A set of 35 information cards packaged in a corrugated cardboard sleeve, fastened with  a red elastic band and tag identifying the name of the sales conference. Individual cards were also placed in a stand at each exhibit space in the large exhibit hall. Participants could pick up individual cards at the exhibit site or take a complete package at the entrance. Corrugated cardboard was used as packaging to fit with the exhibit materials. The complete exhibit structure was designed using thick cardboard so it could easily be installed in 2 days, then quickly be deconstructed and recycled. A 20″ diameter cardboard tube was used to hold the packages of cards.

Size W 4" x H 10.5"

Paper/Material Package: E flute corrugated cardboard. Cards: Grey uncoated cover stock.

Techniques Package: trimmed, folded, sealed on 2 sides. Elastic band and tag inserted.
Cards: offset printing, 2 spot colors/card (5 spot colors total)

Copyright Herman Miller Inc.

Artifact Type Original (2)

Donor Linda Powell

ID Number 2445