Project Submission

Project Submission

Process overview

  1. SUBMISSION You submit a project by providing initial information about the design and a low resolution reference photo from your phone.
  2. AKNOWLEDGEMENT We acknowledge that we received your submission(s) and make arrangements to get an actual printed piece.
  3. CURATION The curation committee meets to evaluate projects.
  4. ACCEPTANCE You are informed which of your submissions are accepted for inclusion in the collection.
  5. REQUIREMENTS Arrangements are made for you to provide high resolution images, detailed information and 1 – 3 copies of the actual work.
  6. YOU’RE IN We enter the information and images on our website and deliver the project(s) to Zhang Legacy Collections Center. You’re in!

The process from submission to completion takes 6 – 12 months, so let’s get started. We can help if you have questions along the way.

Evaluation guidelines

The following guidelines are considered for work included in the collection:

  • It is designed, commissioned, or produced in West Michigan. (required)
  • It is innovative for its time.
  • Excellent use of typography, illustration, or photography.
  • Paper use or production techniques add significant value to the piece.
  • The message is clearly communicated.
  • There is something unique or surprising about the design.
  • Recognition by national or international design organization or publishers is not required but substantiates excellence by a qualified jury of peers.

Project Acceptance

What we will need from you

Actual piece

1 – 3 copies of the actual piece
For exhibits and large dimensional work, good quality photos or digital output is acceptable (3 copies)
For logos and wordmarks, please submit an EPS file and digital output on 8.5 x 11 paper.

Detailed information

Once accepted, you will be emailed a link to our detailed information form.


One or more views photographed on a light grey background and saved as both:

1.   TIFF image: RGB color space, 1800 pixels along the long axis, 300 ppi resolution

2.   JPEG image: RGB color space, 1000 pixels along the horizontal axis, 72 ppi, maximum quality.

Need help with photography?

If you prefer, our friends at Studio-Us are here to help. For a $25 fee per view, they will provide images that meet the Graphic Design Archives’ specifications, and you will also receive a copy for your personal use. Photo sessions are scheduled every other month, or when there is enough work to warrant a photo session. 

Contact Bree Tanner directly to get your work professionally photographed: or fill out the contact form at