Components in series

  • Ideas: Word Processing
  • Ideas: Recycling Space
  • Ideas: The Changing Office Environment
  • Ideas: Managing the Facility
  • Ideas: Environmental Influences
  • Ideas: Design and the Office in Transition 1
  • Ideas: Design and the Office in Transition 2
  • Ideas: Worker Participation
  • Ideas: The Extended Office

Ideas: Design and the Office in Transition 1

Date 1979

Designer Linda Powell

Creative Director





Ideas is a quarterly magazine about users and specifiers of Herman Miller office products. This issue is part 1 of 2 about design and the office in transition. This issue features a conversation with George Nelson and uses his GN signature as a graphic element on the cover and throughout the magazine. The conversation text runs as a horizontal band through the center third of the pages. Photos, drawings, captions and pull quotes appear above and below the conversation.

Recognition ,

Size W 8.25" x H 11.75"

Paper/Material Interior: cream dull coated text paper. Cover: brown uncoated cover paper.

Techniques Cover: Offset printing, 1 color. Clear foil embossing. Inside: Offset printing, 2 spot colors.

Copyright Herman Miller Inc.

Artifact Type Original (4)

Donor Linda Powell

ID Number 2057