Recent Acquisitions Feature Annual Reports and Illustration

June 7, 2018

Cover of the 1997 Herman Miller annual report designed by
Steve Frykholm and Yang Kim.
1985 Herman Miller annual report designed by Steve Frykholm.
1972 Herman Miller annual report designed by Joe Hutchcroft, Center for Advanced
Research in Design.

After review, the graphic design advisory committee has received a number of additions to the collection, representing the timeframe from the 1940s through the 2010s. Over 40 pieces are included, representing the work of, Irving Harper, John Massey, Roger Gould, Steve Frykholm, Yang Kim, and others.

While every piece is of interest, a few parts are especially worth noting:

Our collection of Herman Miller annual reports is nearly complete. They are a collection of unique approaches, quite different from traditional annual reports. Posters, flip books, a rain poncho, a party kit (confetti, party hat, smiley button) – the theme for each year was appropriate to the results produced by the business that year.

A portion of the accessions are from Gould Design, especially featuring illustration by Roger Gould and other members of his staff of designers and illustrators.

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Grand Rapids Public Museum poster design and illustration by Gould Design.
Career Opportunities poster by Gould Design.
Robots montage poster directed by Gould Design with photography and
photo editing by
van der Linde Photography.