Weft & Warp Plaid Program

Date 2018

Designers Reid Jacobs, Mary Balkus

Creative Director


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Weft &Warp was the theme for the Newell Brands Design management’s annual summit. The event and exercises were focused on collaboration across multi-disciplinary teams and successful projects that embodied that. Held at Long Road Distillers, a customized cocktail glass was gifted to attendees to commemorate the location and event.

SizeProgram Book:
W 6.5" x H 10.5"
W 11" x H 17"

Printer/Producer Brightformat

Paper/Material Robecko Translucent cover, Mohawk Everyday Digital 80t

Techniques Program Book: 4 color digital printing, spiral bound, die cut, hand woven ampersand on folded bound front cover, translucent kiss-cut sheet of 9 stickers, etched glass

Copyright Newell Brands

Artifact Type Program Book (1), Glasses (2), Poster (1)

Donor Newell Brands

ID Number 10578