Herman Miller Price Book System

Date 1995 – 1999

Designers Alison Popp, Steve Joswick

Illustrator ,




A system of Herman Miller price books was designed to stand out on the user’s bookshelf. Many different cover spirals were created in Illustrator using the Transform tool. The interior content was generated in a data-driven Quark Xpress template – leading edge technology for its time. Five different colors were used to differentiate years.

SizeW 8.5" x H 11"

Printer/Producer Pippel Patterson Printers

Paper/Material Uncoated white cover and text

Techniques Covers: offset printing, 1 color, double hit of ink Inside: offset printing, 1 color Perfect binding or saddle stitched

Copyright Herman Miller Inc

Artifact Type Originals (1 each of 7 books) (2 digital prints of book spines)

Donor Peopledesign, Alison Popp

ID Number 5818