Flesh Film Ticket

Date 1972

Designer Mark Sturzenegger



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Promotion for the film Flesh by Andy Warhol. The posters were screen printed repeatedly, on a roll of brown kraft paper and posted as a continuous row of 3 tickets. Printing was done by rolling out the paper in the hallway of the Art department at night and printing every-other ticket. When the ink was dry the other tickets were printed. The roll of tickets was mounted on a carrier and when purchased, the ticket was torn off the roll and given to the student as a memento/poster from the event.

SizeIndividual tickets:
W 36" x H 18"

Printer/Producer Mark Sturzenegger

Paper/Material Brown kraft paper

Techniques Screen printed, one color, repeatedly on a roll of paper. Corner angles hand cut.

Copyright Western Michigan University

Artifact Type Original (1 set of 3)

Donor Steve Frykholm

ID Number 5982