Paper Companies Continuing Contributors to Archives

August 23, 2018

Chuck Oleniczak from Central Michigan Paper, Lynn Houghton, archivist at Zhang Legacy Collections Center, and Christine Schaaf from Mohawk Paper reviewing a project printed on Strathmore paper.
Christine Schaaf, from Mohawk Paper, reconnects with See magazines from Herman Miller.

The Graphic Design Archives at Zhang Legacy Collections Center was pleased to host Christine Schaaf, Midwest national accounts manager for Mohawk Paper Company, and Chuck Oleniczak, specification sales director for Central Michigan Paper (and member of the Archives advisory board) this spring. They were able to reminisce over projects in the collection printed on Mohawk and Strathmore papers from the 1970s through 2010.

Mohawk Paper also donated large, acid-free sheets that will be used to interleaf projects for their archival protection. We’re very grateful for support like this, which makes our collection and access to it possible.